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Bailey's Beautiful Blinds, LLC
Bailey Cooner - Owner
9917 E. Filaree Lane
Scottsdale, Arizona 85262
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Frequently Asked Questions

What To Wear If You're A Window

Choosing what your windows should wear is a lot like choosing what you should wear. Let Bailey's Beautiful Blinds be your personal guide to finding the style that best meets your individual tastes & needs. And earn your windows a spot on the latest best dressed list.

What should I consider to start?

Style: Contemporary? Traditional? Tuscan? Art Deco? Your taste in home decor reflects your sense of style.

Light: How much? How little? Determining the level of light your window requires is a key factor in choosing between different window fashions.

Privacy: Opt for windows that either fully block or soften the view.

Energy Efficiency: Look for windows with a high energy-efficiency rating.

UV Protection: Love natural Light? Unfortunately it doesn't love your home furnishings, often fading & discoloring them. 'Protect' your investment with window coverings that boast built-in ultraviolet protection.

Safety: Primary consideration should be given to operating systems & features that make your home a safer haven for loved ones.

We're here to make it simple for you so relax and open your mind and home to the world of Bailey's Beautiful Blinds.

We know all the dirt.

And all the secrets for fighting it  - starting with fabrics that are dust, soil and stain resistant, as well as anti-static, making them a cinch to clean. All it takes is an occasional feather dusting or low- suction vacuum cleaner to keep your window coverings looking their everyday best.




Why Motorize?

Take control of your environment and make it work for you.

Safety:  Eliminate the dangers of dangling cords to
children and pets.

Beauty: Completely hidden system without cords, wands, or cranks to spoil the appearance.

Security:  Automated shades give the appearance of someone at home even when you're away.

Day Lighting:  Make the most of your home's natural light, creating an atmosphere good for the mind and the spirit.

Convenience: Access hard to reach and oversized windows. Compatible with all automated control systems for flexible switching.

Energy Efficiency: Reduce energy costs by operating window treatments by sensor,
automation, or remote control while providing protection for your valuable home and furnishings.

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